#2 - Exterior Detail $69
#1 - TLC package starting at $40

A more detailed Experience, 30-40 minutes to complete


*Includes Basic Wash package, complete vacuuming, spray and wipe down of all areas. Example: Cupholdsers/ door panels/ vents/ trunk/ under & between seats


Note: This is not a line service, no prepaid coupons, first come first serve, service may not be available at all times

Complete interior shampoo
Exterior wash / spray wax
Undercarriage rinse
Rims cleaned / tires dressed

*Minimum 5-6 hours


Exterior wash /
Basic interior cleaning
Remove light oxidation
One coat of hand wax
Rims cleaned / tires dressed
*Minimum 3-4 hours

#4 - Interior Detail $159
#3 - Exterior Detail 2

Detailing Services

#5 - Complete Detail
Extra Services

Exterior Wash

Basic Interior cleaning

One coat Hand Wax

Rims cleaned

Tires dressed


Minimum 2-3 hours

Includes Packages

#3 - Exterior Detail

#4 - Interior Detail

*Minimum 6-8 Hours

** Non-refundable deposit required upon  booking

Armor All - $25

Leather – Cleaner – Conditioner -$30

Trucks / SUVs/Minivans - Add $10 (all packages)


**All prices subject to change

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